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Pumpkin Face
30 June 2009 @ 09:26 pm
Hey guys,

just making a quick LJ post since my mom bought us some time at the cyber cafe at our resort. Cancun is going great, except I got super sunburned yesterday when we swam with the dolphins. My skin is super sensitive - and we just got back from the resort beach, so my skin, despite all my efforts to stay in the shade and slather myself in sunblock, is just slightly more sunburnt. xD

I really really want to bring you here with me, Kendra. We would have so much fun together. If we come again next year, maybe your mom would be willing to pay for your ticket to meet us at the airport or something. ;-;

There are lots of pretty things to buy at Playa del Carmen, and I fell in love with these gorgeous round lamps made with dried melons. And all the pretty jewelry T_T

I love you and miss you all. I come home Friday afternoon and I can't wait to tell you about my vacation. I hope you guys are even reading these entries so you know that. :( <3
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Pumpkin Face
25 June 2009 @ 10:41 pm
Oh Michael...

I've been an incredibly huge fan of Michael Jackson ever since I was a tiny little girl. I have very vivid memories of telling my uncle that one day I would marry Michael Jackson, and him laughing at me.

I don't really know what to say. The real sadness set in just a while ago when I was watching E!'s coverage on his death. I was sad when my mom texted, but it wasn't until they showed pictures of him rehearsing for his up and coming tour that it really hit me hard. In those pictures guys, ugh, he looked so..focused, I don't know how else to explain it. Focused and just....there. Alive.

I've been listening to my favorite Michael Jackson songs for a while and the sadness is..just, really really deep. I know he wasn't all right in the head over the last few years but that doesn't make him any less of a legend, of a great performer, the best. The most inspiring.

Would it be strange, though, if I said in a way I'm glad he's passed now? I feel like he's been through so much over the course of his life, and his sickness, both mental and physical, also made his life so much more difficult. Hard enough to be a celebrity in this country. Even harder when you're a global celebrity, being sued, possibly struggling with desires that don't sit well with society and the law and your family's morals, and then losing everything. Everything.

In a way, I'm relieved for him... that it's over, his physical life. But he'll always be alive - the music will never be forgotten. Not in my family. Not in the families of millions of fans.

I love you Michael. You're the best, and always will be. Rest in peace.

Friday morning (tomorrow) I am leaving for Mexico and will be gone until next Friday. Vacation~ I won't be able to text because it'll cost money. Receiving texts will also cost me money, so if possible try not to text me until Friday evening. If it's important, though, please go ahead and text me. ^^ Just a few cents at any rate.

I love you guys. I hope I come back rejuvenated so that I can be online for you all more than I have been. I miss you guys.

See you in a week.
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Pumpkin Face
17 June 2009 @ 09:51 pm


more and more of these kinds of attacks against non-whites are being reported. it scares me, you know? I fear for my family every time I hear about things like this. I fear for the country. There was a report a couple days ago about how white supremacist groups have grown since the election of Obama.

Couple that with having all of this shit shoved in our faces about North Korea and you have me, stressed out and trying not to think about those things but failing horribly.

I just don't understand it. Nowadays I find myself thinking, will I witness racial violence on a mass scale while I'm still alive on this earth? Will the world be caught up in nuclear chaos before I've even turned 21?

my head hurts right now. the news is so depressing, I can't stand it anymore. it makes me really hate the world we live in.

we really all monsters, to the earth and to each other.
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